Too Tall Alice Review

PUB DATE: March 15 2009
AGE: 9-12 Years Old

I have to say at first Michael wasn’t interested in the book because its about a girl. He is very much into boy things. So after explaining to him that it could be anyone he was a little more interested in it.

The story is about Alice who is too tall. She isn’t tall like a building but taller then girls her own age. When she gets her class picture taken she is the only girl in the back. When Alice is alone she wishes she was four inches shorter.

Then one night after she is in bed the neighbors come back over for a card game and she overhears her parents comparing her to a toothpick, a bean pole, and even a string bean with their neighbors. She is sad and cries when she hears the talk going on downstairs. What she fails to hear is that the neighbors offer up ideas for future professions for Alice if she remains taller than others such as a super model.

Alice cries herself to sleep. She has a dream where she is in a room with girls that are much taller than she is. Some are supermodels and basketball stars. They are all tall.

One of the basketball players gets Alice on her shoulders so that Alice can see all around her. Alice gets a glimpse of her past and then of her future. She sees her family and her friends. Sadly she doesn’t see herself. The basketball player explain to Alice how she can find herself. So she closes her eyes and then she sees herself. It was like a movie playing in her head telling her all the wonderful things she is and all the wonderful things she can be.

Alice comes to realize that being four inches taller than the other girls now isn’t such a big deal after all and she begins to appreciates that she is just fine the way she is and that she can be anything she wants to be!

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