The Moon Shines Down Review

PUB DATE: November 2008
GENRE: Ages 3-8 years old

One of Michael’s favorite books is Good Night Moon. When he found out that this book was by the same lady he wanted to read it and read it we have done. This one of the books we read all the time.

A little Koala bear takes a journey along with the moon to different parts of the world. As readers we are taken to Holland, Switzerland, the far east, Mexico, France, Australia, England, the ocean, Africa and a unnamed place which could be anywhere in the US or Canada. (When ever Michael hears about places he wants to know where they are so we looked at a map while reading this.)

Michael loved the illustrations. He was always pointing out things in the picture. The only part of the book that I really had to explain was the far east one. Michael wanted to know why it was day time when the rest of the book was night time.

The book is based on a New England Sampler.

I see the Moon
And the Moon sees me.
God bless the Moon
And God bless me.

That sums up the whole meaning of the book. Michael knows that someone is always watching out for him.

This is my first book review for Thomas Nelson and I want to thank them for sending me the book.

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3 thoughts on “The Moon Shines Down Review

  1. Kaye says:

    I reviewed that book for Thomas Nelson also and thought it was wonderful for children. The colors are bright and the pictures are big. All the animals and people look like they are smiling. I also reviewed Little Skink’s Tail for the author, Janet Halfmann. Great story and wonderfully illustrated. your son might like that one. Nice message with the story and some educational tidbits in the back. This book has won numerous awards.

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