Ralphina, The Roly Poly Review

PUB DATE: March 2008
Ages 5-8 years old

Ralphina is a roly poly and she is lonely. She is looking for a friend to play with. She wishes that the boy who lived in the house would come out and play with her. She is so small so she thinks of a way to get the boy to notice her. Finally she comes up with a plan. Her plan is that she will dig in the garden to help the tulips bloom. Once the boy sees the tulips he will see her and they will be friends.

She goes to work and begins to turn the soil over and over making a warm bed for the bulbs. Then the tulips begin to bloom in a rainbow of colors. She wanted for the boy to come out. When the boy finally came outside he saw the tulips and bent down to pick one for his mother and that is when he saw Ralphina.

The boy’s name is Alec. Ralphina taught Alec about roly polies because he didn’t know anything about them. Things about roly polies have 14 feet. They are related to crabs and lobsters and like to live in the dark damp places such as a garden. Alec and Ralphina became friends.

The pictures in the book were bright and colorful. It was also very educational because Claudia put some facts about roly poly and rainbows. Thanks to Claudia for mailing the book to us. We enjoyed reading it.

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