**Mixed Bags Book 1 Review

PUB DATE: May 2008

This is the first book in the Carter House Girls Series. When you read this series I have to warn you that you have to read it from the beginning because the books start off where the previous book finished.

After DJ’s mom died she goes to live with her grandmother Katherine Carter. Her grandmother is a retired model from the 60’s. She use to live with her father but left once she realized that she was a built in full time babysitter for her step siblings.

Mrs Carter has decided to open a boarding house for wealthy pretty girls. She plans to teach them how to be proper ladies who care about how they look. Although DJ has no interest in this she would rather play sports.

Slowly the girls begin to arrive at Carter House they Begin to figure how they will all fit in and make it work. The girls are all different in one way or other.

Rhiannon use to be the neighbor to Mrs Carter but was forced to move away but she is back while her mother is in rehab. She is a devoted Christian with limited funds. She has an interest in designing clothes and makes her own things.

Casey use to be DJ’s best friend. The girls mother’s were best friends. DJ barely recognizes her cause her look as changed so much and she has the attitude of I don’t care what you think of me. She is dressing Goth and has issues.

Eliza is the rich girl who drives a Porsche and has all the top names in fashion designers. She knows whats in. Her parents are in Europe and sent her to the school because they feared for her safety in Europe if she was to go with them.

Taylor the author rich girl of the group. Her mother is a famous jazz singer. She walks in the door with attitude and she isn’t happy to be there. Her father is an alcholic.

The last girl Kriti. Her father has a leg business of selling knock off items such as top name designer handbags.

DJ and Connor are friends and they discover that they like each other. Then Taylor buts in and DJ feels threatened so she asks Eliza for help. She thinks that if she looks prettier that Connor will be more interested. So Eliza helps her out. The head to the beach and Taylor is jealous and will go out of her way to embarrass DJ. DJ takes off and jumps into the ocean. Connor thinks that DJ is drowning and goes in after her. When he gets to her he lets her know that he likes her and they kiss. DJ is happy.

Until the get invited by Harry ,Eliza’s boyfriend, to his end of summer party. DJ spots Connor dancing with Taylor. DJ is so upset she takes off.

Will Taylor get Connor away from DJ? Will these girls ever get along?

Thanks to Zondervan for sending me this series to read. I really enjoyed the book and can’t wait to share my reviews with you of the other books in the series.

This is the author of the week that I will be featuring all week and her series the Carter House Girls. Melody Carlson is the author of numerous books for adults and young adults.

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