Scattered Leaves Review

TITLE: Scattered Leaves
AUTHOR: Richard Roach
PUB DATE: September 2008

Thank you to Richard for sending me this book and to Dorothy at Pump Up Your Book Promo for allowing me to take part.

Scattered Leaves is about a guy named Ben McCord. There is an explosion on a drilling rig that Ben is on. He manages to escape unhurt. When Ben returns home he finds that his beloved wife, June has been brutally raped and murdered. He is the main suspect in the police investigation. When the police verify his story he is cleared. He almost becomes the next victim.

There are several attacks on Ben’s life when he begins to realize that someone is out to get him and they want him dead. He discovers that its a government agent but he isn’t sure why yet. Taking matters into is own hands Ben wants to avenge his June’s death, but yet he still wants to live to tell about it.

The events develop quickly and soon Ben is thrown together with another victim who is a young dentist with the nickname PJ. She was victimized by the same ruthless members of the group that killed June.

All the clues lead Ben into the dark world of drugs and violence that span from Texas, Colorado and the Mexico border. As Ben and PJ track down these ruthless people then manage to get away each time. What will happen? Can Ben and PJ survive to live another day?

This is Richard’s first book and his second novel “Scattered Money” is set to be released this year. Can’t wait for the book to come out.

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