Review: Stanley The Christmas Tree

TITLE: Stanley The Christmas Tree: A Wish Come True
AUTHOR: R.E Hughes
ISBN: 978-0-9820328-0-0
PUB DATE: 2008

This is such a cute Christmas story. Stanley has always dreamed about being picked by a loving family and taken home. Year after year Stanley remains in the tree farm and the other trees make fun of him. Each year Stanley gets stronger. Finally one year he is picked and taken to the city. Finally after a few days an old gentleman picks Stanley and takes him home. He is so excited. He is taken home and decorated.

Then one day the couple get a call from their children and the baby is sick and told they can’t travel and ask that the family goes there. So the couple start to take the decorations off the tree. Then Stanley is put in the alley. Stanley was sad and realized his dream for a perfect Christmas was over.

Then one night Mr. Brown walks by on his way home from the factory and see Stanley. he takes Stanley home cause he didn’t get a tree this year because they couldn’t afford a tree. The couple decorated the tree and Stanley was happy again. When the children woke up they were happy to see a tree. Stanley was happy too.

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