Armchair BEA 2014/ More Then Just Words #4

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More Than Just Words 
There are so many mediums that feature more than just words and enhance a story in a multitude of ways. Examples may include graphic novels and comics, audiobooks, or even multimedia novels. On this day, we will be talking about those books and formats that move beyond just the words and use other ways to experience a story. Which books stand out to you in these different formats? 

I have been thinking about this all morning and I am stumped.

I have tried but could never get into audio books and that is because for me personally after listening to one it would become background noise and I would forget I was listening to it and would go about and do other things until I came back into the room and would be like oh yea I was listening to that and start all over again.

Growing up I would read comic books and my sister would always be so gracious and send me a ton. I loved reading them when I was younger but as I go older as did she they stopped coming and I never bought them because they are expensive for a hour read right?

Now since having a 11 year old son he loves reading graphic novels and mangas. The only ones I have made it a point to buy are these




He has the complete collection to date with these twos because these are his favorites.

I have bought a few other ones but he has never really enjoyed them so he always makes it a point in the summer to borrow as many manga’s and graphic novels from our local library.

As for me I have read a few manga’s but nothing ever really stood out for me as a favorite.

Do you have any favorite graphic novels or manga’s we should read?


  1. I have the same problem with audiobooks too. I hate to admit it, but I’m primarily a plain words-on-a-page girl 😉

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

  2. I was that way with audio books at first. Try something like David Sedaris and you just might be hooked!

  3. I love good audio books, there are some that are a bit boring or not well narrated, but when they’re good they are such a good way to experience a book, I find I prefer classics in audio form 🙂

  4. Audio books aren’t for me either. Seriously… I have tried 4 of them now and all different styles of books and just SNORE!

  5. i do really well with podcasts that I listen to while driving; audiobooks get me through the treadmill – it’s much easier to focus on the audiobook rather than the banality of exercise! but it HAS to be an amazing narrator – i’m extremely picky! there’s 2 audiobooks that i’ve loved Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly and 11-22-63 by Stephen King. both of those had so focused I forgot what I was doing

    • I have tried listening to audio books while on the treadmill but for some reason I seem to move more with music… but perhaps I will have to try the ones you suggested to see what happens

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