(Meme) Sundays In Bed With………..#9

I was hoping that when I got back from vacation that I would have a new book to share with you on this  Sundays In Bed With…. post. Sorry for the delay in getting this up.

The awesome blogger behind this is Kate from Midnight Book Girl   not only is she an awesome blogger but she is was one of my roommates for BEA. YAY!!

Midnight Book Girl

Sundays In Bed With….is a meme I’ve started to share the book we’re spending the morning in bed with, or the one we’d like to stay curled up in bed with all Sunday if only our busy lives would allow! For fun, take a picture of the book in your bed, or simply write up a post or comment below sharing your Sundays in Bed With book. Quoted from Kate’s blog

This week I am in bed with.. (again)

I picked up The Land of Stories : The Wishing Spell (book 1) by Chris Colfer at the Children’s Author Breakfast at BEA this year and I have been dying to read it. With its release this month I decided to pick it up and can I just say that I LOVE the cover. Although this picture doesn’t do it justice.

I am really enjoying the book and I am sure Michael would love to read this when he is a little older.

I am well over half way through this and was hoping to finish it up while I was on vacation but I didn’t. I only managed to read a few pages here and there so I am hoping to finish it up this week. I do have to say that I managed to get to Barnes and Noble while I was away and I picked up a finish copy of the book (a first for me) and I love it.

Hope your having a good weekend and that you manage to find some time read this week.

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  1. Your vacation must have been really busy if you only got a couple of pages read.

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