Happy Birthday

I find it hard to believe that today Michael is 7 years old. It honestly just feels like yesterday he was a new born.
This photo, I have to apologize for it, as it was originally taken with a 35mm camera and I had to scan it. This is Michael when we brought him from the hospital. He was probably 4-5 days old here. He had jaundice and he was so tiny. To let you know how tiny he was, the baby clothes we brought 0-3 months, he was swimming in them. We had to go out and buy preemie outfits.

This is Michael today. A peace, love and happiness kind of boy.
Happy 7th Birthday my sweet little guy.

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  1. Happy birthday, Michael!

    I don’t have any kids (as you know), but my niece recently turned 7 and I also feel like those last 7 years went by so fast!

  2. Avis-What you don’t have kids? LOL just joking. I know its incredible how fast the time went.

  3. Happy Birthday, Michael!

  4. Happy belated birthday Michael!

  5. Michael have an awesome birthday!

  6. Cindy, give your little guy a hug today. Hope his birthday is great!

  7. Awh… so cute! I love b’days!
    Happy Birthday! ((Hugs))

  8. Michael looks as if he’s taking a very deep breath before blowing out those candles. I hope he gets his wish! Happy birthday, Michael!

  9. Hope that you had a wonderful celebration!

  10. Yay! Happy belated birthday, Michael! =)

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