New Look

As you may have noticed Cindy’s Love of Books has gotten a new look. What do you think?

I have been thinking about this for a while now realizing I wanted something fresh, new and different. I think has something to do with going to BEA in May.

Thanks to the very lovely and talented Cindy from Tynga’s Reviews for helping me out on this. She spent countless hours this week working on the new look.

If you haven’t checked her blog, you really should. Cindy is another local blogger. I love reading her blog.

She also is available to do work on your blog if need be you can contact her through her blog to see what she can do.

I am very excited about the new look and looking forward to hearing what you guys think. So please let me know.

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  1. It looks fantastic, Cindy!

  2. Hey darling! You’ve got awards waiting for you =)

  3. Looks good! Congrats to you and the other Cindy on all your hard work.

  4. Love your new look! I noticed you added a third column and you have a sepia background print of books and paper. It gives the blog a nostalgic feel. Well done!

  5. Looks great! Very nice and different too.

  6. I think this is really nice. Very fresh and pretty. Thumbs up!!

  7. Great job Cindy! The blog looks fantastic!

  8. It looks terrific! I really like the colors and the little details like your signature and the vines. I’m sure this all took a long time but it was worth it. You ladies did an amazing job!

  9. Cindy…your blog looks great! great! great!

  10. Tynga did all the work on this so all the credit goes her way. It was some of my ideas of my likes etc that she managed to work her magic.

  11. Thanks everyone, glad you all like it =)

  12. Very mice. Really catches your spirit well, it appears to me.

    Bill šŸ˜‰

  13. Wow, Tynga did a great job. Cindy, your blog is looking great. Well done. =)

  14. Love the new look! I’ve been considering hiring someone to revamp my blog thanks for the lead.

  15. Wow, Cindy, your blog looks great! Congrats!

  16. I think it fits your bookish theme very nicely. And inspired by BEA even!

  17. like the new look. i hope you are going to bea! It’s fun.

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