My Favorite Holiday Picture

Out of all the pictures I have taken over this holiday season I have to say this is by far my favorite picture of Michael.

This was taken Christmas Eve when I had my in laws over for the Christmas Eve dinner.

Michael’s uncle was playing with Michael and they were fooling around with his uncle’s hat. His uncle placed the hat on him like this and I snapped the picture it was only afterwards when I looked at it that I feel in love with it. In the New Year I am going to get this picture enlarged and framed.

Isn’t this just to cute and priceless?

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  1. Your son is so adorable! We had a silly, hilarious hat contest on Christmas Day and my Grandson ended up wearing all the hats!

  2. He’s adorable!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  3. Michael is adorable!

  4. This photo is so adorable. BTW…you received some great books lately –enjoy Cindy

  5. Toooooo cute! love it.

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