Kindergarten Graduation Today

Its hard to believe that Michael will be graduating from Kindergarten today. How fast the year has come. I wasn’t sure we would ever make this day with the struggle I had getting him to school the first month and a half. It makes me really happy to hear him saying every morning “Mommy do I have school today?” or while we are waiting for the school bus to come “Mommy why is the bus late?”

Congrats to you Michael on your kindergarten graduation today. Love you munchkin.

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  1. Congratulations, Michael!! What a bittersweet day for you, Cindy.

  2. Congratulations to Michael and the mommy of the graduate.

  3. Hey! Congratulations! Michael! and your mother made it through the first year herself!!!

    This will be the first of many, many graduations. Enjoy.

  4. Thank you Kathy, Yvette and Tina I will pass on your congrats to Michael when I see him after.

    Tina I didn’t think I was going to make it. I actually thought I was going to loose my mind in the beginning but happy to see he is loving school now.

  5. Congrats to Michael, and to you, Cindy. I’m glad to hear he’s enjoying school now. My niece (whom I just saw this week) is also about to graduate from kindergarten. They grow up so fast!

  6. Don’t blink–it’ll be high school graduation before you know it! Enjoy the ride! (I miss my little munchkins..they’re almost all growed up now…my youngest is *gulp 14)

  7. Congratulations to you both!

  8. Congratulations! One of my sons graduated yesterday from kindergarten and throughout the ceremony, I had to keep myself from crying. Have a great day!

  9. Aw, congratulations to Michael! And to you, Cindy. =)

  10. Ziechick says:

    Congratulations Michael What a special day for you.

    Mom I’m so glad you finally made it through Kindergarten.

    Have a great summer Michael.

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