2011 Reading Challenges & Goals

Its that time of the year again when all kinds of new/old reading challenges will be starting up tomorrow, January 1st. As I look back I have to admit that in all honesty I suck at them. Actually, no that’s a lie, I am pretty good at the challenges its just the linking back to the original post/host that I suck at. LOL

So I have decided that for 2011 I won’t be taking part in as many reading challenges as I have in the past. As hard as it will be, I plan to resist the urge to sign up for them all. With that being said here is the reading challenges that I plan to take part in this upcoming year:

If you are reading this and want to take part in The Middle Grade Book Challenge all you have to do is commit to reading at least 12 middle grade books, post your review on your blog and then come back to the monthly Mr Linky and leave your link. For all links you leave you will be entered to win a monthly prize.

I have been a long time follower of So Many Precious Books, So Little Time and when I saw this one I decided that I wanted to do the ARC READING CHALLENGE 2011. You can click on the link to find out how you can join and the rules. Since this is a year long challenge I think I am going to aim for Level Platinum (30+). I know I have a few 2011 ARCs sitting in my TBR pile as well as my ereader.

The other challenge that I decided I wanted to take part in for this upcoming year is 2011 Reading from My Shelves hosted by Diane, another blogger I have been following for a long time. This one sounds super easy all you have to do is commit to reading at least 12 (min) books from your own shelves in the next year. I admit I am an obsessive book buyer and all those great books have been sitting on my shelves waiting to be read so what better way to start reading them then this challenge?

I just saw this one 2011 Ebook Reading Challenge being hosted by The Ladybug Reads. This is a new to be blogger but I have to agree with what she said since getting my Kobo too I have been reading quite a few ebooks and this is a great challenge for me to take part in.

What challenges are you taking part in for 2011?

With the New Year approaching in a mere few hours, we start to reflect on the previous year and set some new goals that we hope will stick the whole year and not just a few months. Another thing I have to admit that I suck at but then again don’t we all suck at New Year’s resolutions?

Anyways, I thought I would share with you what I have as my goals for 2011.

  • Book Buying Ban! As I was cleaning up my living room earlier this month to get ready for Christmas, I realized that I have a book buying habit that is kind of out of control. I have to say that I think I ended up having to box up several boxes to put in our basement for now and that is just of books I have bought. So in 2011 I have decided that I am putting myself on a book buying ban until the summer time (7-8 months at least) when I know I will be heading to Chicago ie Anderson’s.
  • As for other books coming into the house, I have decided that I will be limiting myself to what I will accept for review, because honestly that too is out there. So many great books not enough time to read them.
  • Reviewing right after I read! I always start off really good and review the books I have just read but since the summer I have to admit that I am a little behind in that so I have to commit myself to reading it-reviewing it right away.
  • Commenting! I need to get out there and comment more. I know so many people have left comments and for awhile I was doing good and commenting back and that too slipped.
  • Email! I need to keep on top of them and not let them sit on the wayside.
  • Organizination! I have to find a way to keep things organized online (in regards to books, tours, reviews) and in real life. Any ideas?

So these are some of my goals for 2011, what are yours?

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