Magazine Monday

Welcome to the first official Magazine Monday post. I want to thank everyone that commented last week when I first mentioned this idea. Your ideas were great and please if you ever have any comments about this or ideas please feel free to comment.

This past week, I bought the following magazines:
-Woman’s Day (Oct. 1st)
-Woman’s World (Sept. 20th)
-In Touch (Sept. 20th)
-Us Weekly (Sept. 20th)
-People (Sept 20th)
-What’s Up Canadian Family Magazine (Back to School issue)
-Canadian Family (Oct 2010)
-Every Day with Rachael Ray (Oct 2010)

-ChickaDee (Sept 2010)
-Today’s Parent (Oct 2010)

I will share what magazines I have borrowed from the library here.

Of Interest:
I thought these articles might be of interest-

Woman’s Day- The ABCs of Proper Desk Posture If you are like me you are sitting at your desk for awhile so knowing how to sit properly could help you out.

Woman’s World doesn’t have an online website that I can link articles to but they do have one for give aways. I buy this weekly magazine all the time for recipes, health info and for the books. This week Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven & Promise Me by Nancy G. Brinker were mentioned.

In Touch-The one article I wanted to share with you is one I can’t find but its called The Kids of 9/11. The kids are older and they all lost their dads on that day and I thought it was great seeing what they are doing and how they are helping others. Plus I found out from this magazine that Nate Berkus’s new day time show was starting this week.

Us Weekly didn’t have anything and I picked it up because I had an appointment and wanted something to flip through while I waited.

People- This really wasn’t the article but I am a huge fan of Nate Berkus and they just had a little box talking briefly about it. I was trying to find the Books section on the site, here is what was mentioned Rooms by Emma Donoghue (I want to read this), True Prep by Lisa birnbach, Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan, A Journey by Tony Blair, Katie Up and Down the Hall by Glenn Plaskin (sounds like a great book), The Widower’s Tale by Julie Glass, and Vermilion Drift by William kent Krueger.

What’s Up- There is this great article that I couldn’t find online called Bring books to life. Four books were mentioned Alligator Pie by Dennis Lee, Mortimer by Robert Munsch. Anne of Green Gables, and The Party by Barbara Reid and with each book there was a craft that kids could make such as the Unbreakable Slate Notebook (remember when Anne broke her Slate of Gilbert’s head?)

Rachael Ray you can see the magazine online October 2010 I don’t buy this all the time but this time I couldn’t resist the fall cover.

Later in the week I will be updating this when I get to read all the magazines and find links.

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