Book Spotlight/ YouTuber’s Books


For the past two weeks I have been sharing my reviews on some Youtuber’s who wrote books (that I had on hand) and I thought today as I wrap my my posts I would share with you some more youtuber’s books that I don’t currently own.

This is on my radar.

This is also on my radar.

Michael is interested in this one.

This has been on my radar since first hearing about it.

I just found out that another vlogger I follow Estee Lalonde is in the process of writing a book called Bloom. She is a Canadian Vlogger currently living in London, England.

I think I managed to cover alot of the YouTuber’s with books and as I was doing this post I didn’t realize how many actually had books out or coming out. It seems like its almost every other day when another youtuber is announcing a book deal.

What do you think of this trend? Has anyone of the books this past two weeks interest you?

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