An Announcement

Oh how I wish I was making a earth shattering announcement such as “Hey I’m Going to NYC and BEA!” but no that’s not the case (insert sad face here). I just wanted to let everyone know that starting today and until probably September I won’t be having a Sunday post.

I have decided that Sundays will be a day off for me unless there is something I need to post. Right now I am trying to have posts up from Monday to Saturday and so far so good.

Come back tomorrow for It’s Monday, what are you reading post?

Have a good day everyone. I hope its nice where you are.

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  1. Enjoy your Sundays off! And, um, yep…lol…I wondered if you were suddenly getting to go to BEA. Me neither on going, but next, I hope!

  2. Enjoy your little weekly vacations. ;O)

  3. Deb- I will enjoy my Sundays off this summer. Yea I wish I could swing BEA this year but unless I win a lottery it will have to be next year. IF you go let me know so that we can meet up.

    Iwriteinbooks thanks I really need to have one day off and since Sunday’s are usually quiet online I figure that was the best day to take off.

  4. I wish you were going to BEA too! 🙁

    Good job on taking the day off – that’s not a bad idea at all… 🙂

  5. I’m still hoping to go to BEA — maybe someday.

    Enjoy your Sundays!

  6. Boy I would love to be going to BEA too! *sigh* There’s always next year…

    Good for you for taking a day off! While I always enjoy your posts I think it’s great that you’re taking time for yourself! Have a blast!! 🙂

  7. Good for you for deciding to take Sundays off. I prepare my Sunday post early so that all I do is publish it on Sunday, because it is a busy family day!

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