If you could….

I have a question for my readers, what question would you ask an author if you could?

I am asking you this because I am starting to run dry on the questions I ask authors. I always feel as though my questions have been asked before.

I have a few upcoming author interviews and I would love some different questions to ask. Any ideas?

As a incentive any questions that I use I will be linking back to your blogs. So not only will my readers see your question but also the author, the rep, the publisher etc.

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  1. I feel the same way sometimes. I try to do some research on the author and then ask about something from their life (not too personal, though) or from their latest book.

  2. I’ve done so many interviews and yes, the questions become repetitive.

    Here are a couple:

    Do you rely on images to inspire your story or scenes?

    Do you listen to music while you write? Do your characters have theme songs?

  3. Sometimes readers want to know where an author got the idea for a certain book, or they want to know one quirky fact about the author. I also like to know what an author is currently reading.

  4. What are your “must haves” while you are writing? ie…do you have to have certain music, snacks, etc…

  5. I too always do research on the author and book before interviewing to try and personalize the questions to them rather than using the same ones for every situation.

    But one theme I am always curious about is how much of the author is in their character/story. It is famously said that you should “write what you know.” Well – how much of what they wrote did they personally know?

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