First Day of Fall

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  1. I am torn between being so grateful that the summer of 2009 is over and the fact that Fall means that Winter is coming…

  2. I don’t want summer to end!

  3. I love Fall!! It is so beautiful

  4. What a dreary morning (and it’s not helping my allergies)…I usually love the fall as well- except I never really felt the summer this I’m still sort of longing. I’m hoping it will be a very long Indian summer:)

  5. I love fall weather. But now it has gotten warm. I was so cool earlier, in could snuggle and drink hot chocolate. Now I have fans on. Come back cool weather!!

  6. I am happy for fall to be here if only we HAD fall in Florida! It is still so hot you don’t want to go outside unless it is to a pool or the beach. We don’t get much leaf changing…well palm fronds turn brown but that happens year round. So I envy you all that have the seasons and are beginning to talk of cooler temps! Enjoy this glorious time!

  7. Happy fall, Cindy!

  8. Fall is my favourite season. Then spring. Around here, summer’s just too hot and humid for me! Yay for fall!

    (My husband, on the other hand, is groaning at all the leaves he knows he’ll be raking)

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