The 48 Hour Book Challenge

The 48 Hour Book Challenge is finished for another year. I have never taken part in a read-a-thon so I wasn’t sure what to expect or if my expectations might be too much. I picked a selection of books to attempt to read. The pile consisted of 23 books. They were books I got sent to me for review and ones I bought. The first day I thought it would be possible to get at least half way through them and if anything that was better then nothing.

The second day came and I realized that I would never get through all of them so I ended up rearranging the pile putting the books I bought at the bottom and anything with a heavy subject matter on the bottom too.

Total Books Read: 10 books
Total Pages Read: 1,913
Total Hours Read: 20 hours
Total Hours Networking: 30 minutes
Total Snacks Consumed: Way to much personally. I think I balanced it out with healthy and junk food stuff pretty evenly.

I wanted to network more but I knew if I started on twitter that that would be the end of my reading. To say I have an addiction to Twitter is an understatement. If you know me then you know I am on twitter alot.

All my reviews will be posted in depth this week. Also I wasn’t able to update recently because I was having problems with my computer. It had a mind of its own today.

Over all I am impressed with myself and what I accomplished this past weekend. I just wish that I would have been able to read more and next year I will plan it much better.

How did you do?

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  1. I think you did a great job! Hope to see you participating next year! 😀

  2. Way to go, Cindy!

  3. Congrats, Cindy! Reading 10 books in 20 hours is pretty impressive!

  4. Wow Cindy! I’m impressed – hope you enjoyed it – not sure I could do it!

  5. Good for you, Cindy! That is way more than I could read! It takes me an hour to read a measly 25 pages! And then I get distracted a lot. So if books were around 25 pages long, then maybe I could read 10 over a weekend 😉

  6. What? You read 10 books in 20 hours? It takes me 2 hours to read 50 pages! You must impart your knowledge of speed reading to me. How do you absorb the book? Do you have time to reflect? Wow. I am just amazed. Great job finishing the challenge!

  7. That’s amazing! I haven’t done a read-a-thon yet but I know I would never get that much accomplished. Great job!

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