The 48 Hour Book Challenge

Today is the day that the 48 Hour Book Challenge starts. I am all set to go and I am really excited as this is my first time taking part in a challenge like this. I missed out on the Dewey Read a thon earlier this year so when I heard about this I knew I had to take part.
I have my books ready and snacks to go with it. Sorry I have no picture of my snacks but I have a big selection and will pick and choose throughout the challenge. I think I have too many books put aside for this. These are the books that I really want to get through if I can but if not then I am happy to at least make some kind of dent in my TBR pile.
My starting time will be 9am Friday June 5th. I have to get Michael out the door and on the bus. I should finish 48 hour later at 9am Sunday at 9am.
Anyone else taking part? Leave me a comment and I will stop by your blog to wish you luck and check your progress. Happy Reading everyone.

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  1. I’m participating the the 48HBC too, for the first time. I’ve spent the past over-an-hour looking up books in the library database, and I’m headed there now! I’m going to start my clock this evening!

  2. All the best! I’ll be checking up on you regularly. 😉

  3. Just look at that lovely stack of books — you will do GREAT!

    Keep us posted on your progress whenever you need/take a break.

    I am cheering you on 🙂

  4. Good luck its easier for me to start on Friday since I get several hours to myself without the kids.

  5. Good luck with the challenge-this will be my first year participating and I’m looking forward to it. I hope you enjoy your books!

  6. I couldn’t possibly do something like this. I’m to distractable LOL.

    Good luck, I’ll be interested to read your follow up post!

  7. wot book r u going to read? Don’t tell me all of those in 48 hrs!

  8. Happy reading, Cindy!

  9. Can’t wait to see what you’ve read – from another Cindy

  10. I’m doing this too — it’s my first time around. I am looking forward to seeing what you read!

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