The Girl She Use To Be Review

PUB DATE: March 2009

Thanks to Miriam at Hachette Books for sending me this book to read.

This David Cristofano’s debut novel. He did a great job. I enjoyed reading the book. I found some sections were a real page turner and that kept me interested and wanting to read more. So much so that I was able to read it in a weekend.

The main character is Melody. Her real name is Melody Grace McCartney. She is 26 years old and has been in the Witness Protection Program since she was six years old. Her and her family were placed in the program when they witnessed a brutal murder by a member of the Bovaro Family. When Melody is 15 years old her parents are murdered by the Bovaro’s.

Melody has lived through numerous aliases through out her life. She no longer knows who she is as she has always been what they told her to be. For once she wants to feel real again and be herself.

She notifies the authorities that her life is in danger and while she is being given a new identity she meets Jonathan. He is a Bovaro, in fact the son of the mafia boss. The ones that want Melody dead. He promises to help her but she is unsure at first but then quickly realizes that be might be the only one to help her. She wonders if she should trust him or is he leading her to death’s door? He is charming and good looking and he sways Melody.

There is suspence, action and chases that make the book a page turner. Looking forward to future books by David.

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  1. Great review! I am adding this one to my wish list!

  2. Ziechick says:

    Sounds like a real good book. Suspence is my type of book.

  3. I really enjoyed this book too. I took it with me the last time I visited my parents and didn’t want to put it down.

  4. This sounds great, Cindy! I’m looking forward to reading it!

  5. Hi Cindy! I read this book and enjoyed it as well. Great review.

  6. Your review made the book sound so interesting that I bought a copy. Loved it!

    I can’t wait to read something else by Cristofano. Thanks!!

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