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Well this past Friday I was tired of the way my hair was looking so I went and had it cut. I gave the hairdresser carte blanc to do what she wanted. I have to admit I had the Great Hair book with me and I showed her three styles I liked so she took it from there and this is the look I ended up with. I wasnt’ sure at first but after a few hours I decided that I liked it. So what do you think?

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  1. Cute Cute Cute!! I really like shorter hair, and it looks really good on you!

  2. It looks so GOOD!!!!! Love it! That’s a great style for you and it looks easy (of course those are the most deceiving). I am soooo sick of my hair and can’t wait to do something with it, to it, about it…ugh. Spring fever.

  3. It looks great! You look like you’re ready for summer.

  4. This is the shortest my hair has been. Thanks everyone for the comments.

    Wrighty- its some what easy to keep to maintain for now thank god for gel LOL

    Kathy I figured this was a good way to boost my summer spirit and get me in the mood. Seeing as its
    -10C (14 F) outside. I need it.

  5. Looking good girl. I really love your new hair style. Love the color as well.

  6. Thanks Linda.

  7. I think it suits you perfectly! I’m glad you gave the stylist free reign…it looks FABULOUS! 🙂
    Short hair is nice to work with, faster to clean and lighter. Enjoy it Cindy!!


  8. I think it looks great!

  9. I love these pictures, Cindy, you look so cute!

  10. Oh it’s lovely Cindy, so light and breezy for summer. It makes your face look slimmer and we can see your features more too. Very smart.

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