Local Book Blogger Meet up

The above photo is of Tina and I. Sorry couldn’t convince Donna or Avis to get in the pic with us. Perhaps one day soon we can get them in a pic.

Here is the books I got from today’s meet up:
-The Local News by Miriam Gershow ARC (Feb 24/09 pub date)
-Beautiful People by Wendy Holden (March 1/09 review copy)
-Love and Other Four letter words by Carolyn Mackler (2002)
-The Next Big Thing by Johanna Edwards (Sept 2008)
-Tales from a Wedding Day by Olivia Ryan (Nov 2008)

See you guys in March.

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  1. It’s nice to have faces to go with the names. Getting together must be fun. I follow Avis and Tina already, I’m going to take a look at Donna’s blog too. I’m maxed out on the numbers of followers I can have so I have to choose carefully. Glad you could get together. Take care.

  2. Great picture – I can tell you were having a good time. What can we do to talk Donna and Avis into posing?

  3. That’s a very pink and red pile of books you wound up with, Cindy! Thanks, Kathy, for the compliment on the photo (since I was the one who took it). As for encouraging us to join in the photo, hmm, not sure what it would take in my case… I’ll consider it for next time!

  4. Olivia Ryan says:

    Hi Cindy. I happened on your blog, and was so excited to see one of my books in your picture! I’m the author of ‘Tales From a Wedding Day’ and I really hope you enjoy my book. If you like, you can get in touch and let me know, via my website http://www.oliviaryan.com All the best – Olivia

  5. It’s so cool that you can meet up with other bloggers. Where I live there is no one locally that blogs about books and reading.

  6. Sandra- I agree with you. Getting together is alot of fun.

    Kathy- perhaps I should have held my books that I gave Avis as ransom until she got into the picture LOL

    Avis- Thank you for taking the picture. I never noticed that there was a lot of pink and red in the pciture perfect for the month of february isn’t it?

    Olivia- Thank you so very much for stopping by I will let you know and be in touch.

    Lilly- Yea its great to meet up with some local book bloggers. We always have a blast.

  7. Oh lucky lucky you – getting to meet blogging friends in person!

  8. I popped over from Avis’s blog and post about your meet up. How cool is that to meet up with other bloggers! Great picture! Avis and Donna must be in the next picture!
    Great list of books. I’m going to add your blog to my google reader.

  9. I see what Avis means about winding up with a pink and red pile of books. It is very appropriate for this month and also fits in nicely with your blog colours! Well, I don’t know either about a photo – I think I’m too shy for that!!

  10. Wow you too could be sisters you look so alike!

    I really wish I had a local bloggers group but I haven’t met any close enough!

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