2016 #BookishResolutions Progress Report (Update #2)


At the end of each month I plan on updating (updates are all in bold font) my 2016 Bookish Resolutions Challenge. I think this is the perfect way to keep all those goals handy so I can track my progress. Please let me know if you are taking part as I would love to go and cheer you on.




Reading Goals:

  1. Get my NetGalley score back up to 75%. (I am at 36%) (I am currently at 45%)
  2. To read all the books I have in my NetGalley shelf before requesting more. (I currently have 79 books on my Netgalley shelf) [ I read 4  books of my shelf this month]
  3. To read at least 2 (a month) of my own physical books a month. (Books that I have purchased) [I read 10 of my own books this month]
  4. To read at least 2 (a month) of the books I have on my Kindle app. (I read 3 books off my Kindle app this month) 
  5. To read at least 3 (complete) series that I have sitting on my shelf. ( I managed to read 1 complete series this month)

Blogging Goals:

  1. Update the challenge page monthly. (this is my 2nd month and I am keeping it updated)
  2. Read a book, review the book before starting a new book. (yes I have been reading and reviewing before starting a new book)
  3. Visit and comment on more blogs. (yes I have been making it a point to comment daily on my blog and visit blogs that have commented on mine)
  4. During the week work on having some rainy day posts in draft for when you need them. (Yes I actually have 20 pre scheduled post and 16 drafts available)
  5. Spend one day a month cleaning up the blog, work on adding things to the blog and to update my good reads page (https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/1554784-cindy) (I have been making it a point to use the good reads book challenge and I update that all the time but I just need to work on posting reviews there)

Personal Goals:

  1. To finish knitting the scarf I started years ago. (didn’t pick it up this month)
  2. Get back into cross stitching as I have a few patterns I want to make. (printed patterns but didn’t pick up)
  3. Work on my daily affirmation jar. (yes doing this daily and not missing a day)
  4. To curb the book buying. Its has gotten a little excession in the past year. (I have noticed that since I am making monthly book buying posts that I am watching what I buy)
  5. To eat healthier and to lose weight. (trying to eat healthier and curbing our take out. This month was a little crazy so we ate out more then we should have.)


  1. It is so tempting to grab all those great-sound Netgalleys, but it can play havoc with your stats if you aren’t careful.

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