January 2016 Books Bought #1

Its hard to believe its that time of the week for another mailbox post.
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Good Morning everyone. I decided late into last year that I was probably buying more books then I was actually giving away and I think a lot of that was due to the fact I wasn’t really noticing how much I was buying each month because they were all posted in the weekly Stacking the Shelves post.

So going forth into 2016 I decided that each month I would make a monthly post of the books I bought that month instead of posting it weekly. This will be similiar to my monthly unhaulings where I am planning on keeping track of how many books I physically buy. The books that I won’t be including in this monthly post will be books purchased with gift cards, books given to me and books I got for review as all those will be in weekly posts.

Lets get into the books I bought this month shall we.

With the kids back in school I got to meet up with my friend Jennifer (week of Jan 16th) and I bought more then what I was suppose to and my budget went out the door.

This is what I knew I was going to buy because I love reading Kelley Armstrong’s books and this is a brank new release that came out this month and it was 40% off the hardcover price.

This was on sale for $10 so I decided to grab this (original price is $13.99) and I want to start The 5th Wave very soon because I would love to go and see the movie.

The Star Darlings series was a bit of an unplanned purchase. If you recall I got books 1 & 2 for Christmas and I didn’t realize that books 3, 4 and 5 were out already. I have started to read the series so I want to continue it. Those reviews will be posted in February.

Its hard to believe that I have only been to chapters twice this month. This past week I went for coffee with my friend, Jennifer because we wanted to take advantage of a promo chapters was having that if you spent $40 you got a $10 gift card.

So in this trip I bought:

This is the 6th book in the Star Darling series and all my reviews will be posted next week for this series.
This is a new book in the V.C Andrews and I really want to get back into the books and I have to say I like the cover and it sounds interesting.
I spotted Peach Cobbler Murder on the new release section and I have to say I am excited to read this and then perhaps watch the movie when it comes out on Lifetime.
Since I have been reading this series I am sort of excited to read before it all happened. Hopefully its a good read.
Finally the last item I bought was this New York The Big Apple calendar. I think this was the best deal of the day because it was 75%.

Total books bought in 2016: 9

Total books read from this purchase: 4


  1. I’m impressed that you’ve read almost half of them already.

    • Kathy i know I had to double check to see if that was right and it was. I did good this month with buying and reading now if I can keep it up

  2. Love the calendar!

    This was the first month that I really paid attention to what I was bringing into the house- I subscribe to 3 different book boxes- Uppercase, Owlcrate and Book Riot- although BR only ships quarterly, and I have Audible credits monthly… so I’m not counting the cost of those, since that already comes out of the monthly budget under THINGS I THINK I NEED TO SPEND MONEY ON BUT COULD DO WITHOUT IF IT MEANT NOT PAYING ALL THESE OTHER BILLS. But in 2014 and the first half of 2015, I was buying tons of the Audible daily deals, and accumulated quite the TBR pile just on my Audible app alone, so having to punch in all the books I got this month, and how much I paid for them is definitely helping to curb my purchases… and I was doing fine until I came across the 2 pack of The 5th Wave and the Infinite Sea- but it was only $15.97, so how could I say no to that?

    I’m more surprised at the number of books I added to my various collections this month, it’s a wake up call I needed. I’m really trying to utilize my library more, instead of automatically buying books, but still… so many books!

    Here’s to doing better next month!

    • Thanks Kate, I love the calendar and NYC

      I want to subscibe to those boxes but worried I will end up with doubles of books. I love the quarterly subs the best.. I don’t do audible because its not my cup of tea. I Love how it comes out of your monthly budget of THINGS I NEED TO SPEND MONEY ON BUT COULD DO WITHOUT IF IT MEANT NOT PAYING ALL THESE OTHER BILLS lol i might have to borrow that one

      I agree that is a good deal how could you not say no to that LOL i am encouraging you aren’t i? lol

      I think this will be the wake up call i need to curb my spending. I have stopped all my boxes apart from The soap box.

      I want to use the library more but in the winter its a pain in the butt because you aren’t allowed to wear boots in the library so you have to bring shoes or where those hospital slipper things that everyone has put there feet in so i avoid going in the winter

  3. Awesome haul. I hope you enjoy them!

  4. The Children’s Books always have the most interesting cover. I hope you love all of your new books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  5. Krystianna says:

    Enjoy your new books! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  6. I think the Kelly Armstrong book looks intriguing! It’s good to keep track of how many books you have bought in the year, but i would be afraid, so very afraid, if I did the same! Actually, I don’t buy too many books, I trade with friends and get many at the library. But I don’t wan to even think about how much I spend a year on books!

    • Ardis, I am a huge Kelley fan. I have gotten to meet her and she is awesome. Love her books. I need to keep track of what I buy because it was getting out of hand and I only realized how bad it was when I did a major purge last year and donated a whole lotta books. I realized I had wasted a ton of money on books I wanted at the time but never read and was then giving them away. I was afraid to do it this year but I think if I see what its looking like I know I have to stop. I guess Dec 31st 2016 will be a telling year.

  7. I loved the Infinite sea!!! That’s some amazing books you got this week! I hope you enjoy them all. Happy reading ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sofia @ SofiaLovesReading

  8. The 5th Wave series is awesome! Hope you’ll enjoy it.
    Great haul! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Great books! I’d love to read the Kelley Armstrong.
    Have fun reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. The Star Darlings look so cute. I’ll have to see what they are all about. Happy reading ๐Ÿ˜‰

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