Hello my lovely friends. As you probably might have noticed I am been absent from my blog since almost June with the exception to a few scheduled blog post I have had up.

Alot has happened since the end of June and I sort of touched on it in my weekly mailbox post. Just in case you haven’t been reading them I shall up date you in this post.

The end of June my mom was rushed to the hospital and had suffered a heart attack. They went in to do an angioplast and discovered that she had a severally blocked artery so they put in stints and had hopes of eventually doing a by pass providing she got well enough.

It was a rough week because we were told by numerous Drs that she was a very sick lady but slowly she was starting to get better one day at a time and then up to about a two three weeks ago we were getting ready to put her into a nursing home and begin the process.

Sadly last weekend she took a turn for the worse and she was unconscious. Early Tuesday morning we were called into the hospital to be with her and sadly a few hours later she passed away peacefully with family beside her.

Not sure how long I will be absent for as its been a rough week. I know she is in a better place with no pain. It will be one day at a time.




  1. I’ve been praying for you and your family, Cindy.

  2. My sincerest condolences, prayers and love to you and your family.

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