The No-Buy 2015 Challenge January Update

Today I am going to do my first monthly The No-Buy 2015 Challenge update and the purpose of this is to become more aware of what I buying and probably wasting my money on during a month. I admit I failed miserably this month and I think its mainly due to the cold blah weather we are having. I know its not an excuse but at least I am admitting that I have failed.

-Books Bought: 11
-Make Up Bought: Not sure because I thought I was putting things on the side but I cleaned up and put it away.
-Beauty Box Subscriptions: Birch Box, Beauty Box 5, Glossybox and FabFitFun
-Books Read: 8
-Make Up Used: I wanted to do a weekly/monthly basket but I failed at this
-Empties: A post to come very soon
-Unhauled Books: 46

I was a little shocked by how many books I had bought this month and I guess seeing the number added up makes me a little more aware of that and its something I need to work on cutting.

I wish I would have kept the make up that I bought together but I didn’t. I don’t think I went crazy on that and I want to say February will be better but not sure since I am going to the USA for a hockey tournament and I wanted to grab a few things that we can’t get here.

I have cut back on alot of my beauty boxes over the years and I am happy about that. Now I only have what I really want to get.

Its nice to see that I read 8 books this month and I think that is low for me considering other years my numbers were higher. Something to work on.

As for the make up used I want to start keeping track of that with a post or something because I need to use more of what I have instead of letting it sit there collecting dust.

Empties I never have a problem with because I like to see what I use in a month and its an eye opener at times.

I am loving the unhauling books one that is a great start and one I will contine to do. Do you like haulings?

Check back February to see how I did.

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