The No-Buy 2015 Challenge

Happy New Year  2015


Can you believe we are already a full week into the new year? Where has the time gone?

As I sat and reflected on 2014 this past week and was cleaning up the Christmas stuff I was looking around at the amount of stuff I have and wondered to myself how much did I spend on books last year? How much did I spend on make up last year?

I know I can go back and check mailbox posts to see exactly and as for make up I have a rough idea on that as well. I am sure all the money spent on books and make up could have been used elsewhere and probably on better things and probably more important things?


I have decided I need to do something about this excessive spending and I think the only way I can get that under control is to put myself on a NO BUY once again. It worked in the past so I am hoping it will work again.

I am pledging from January 1st until at least May 25th, 2015 to stop purchasing any sort of make up items until I go to NYC because there is a few items I want to get in the US that we can’t get here in Canada.

As for books I need to get that under control so I think if I purchase any books it will only be through Scholastic book club and that is only once a month and how many I buy will be determined by how many I read or give away that month. I really need to think about what books I buy and it will have to be books I really want to read and I plan on setting time limits for that.

So to summerize I will not be purchasing any beauty products (mascara, eye shadow, foundation, blush, lipsticks, lib balms, lip glosses), body washes & scrubs, hand lotions, nail polishes and perfumes in 2015.

I am making it a point to use up what I have because if you could see how much you would be shocked I know I am shocked.

So do you think I can do this? Please be sure to come back to see how I am doing. I plan on doing a monthly update.


  • Books Bought:
  • Make Up Bought:
  • Beauty Box Subscriptions:
  • Books Read:
  • Make Up Used:
  • Empties:
  • Challenge #1 (will update this later)





  1. Good luck, Cindy!

  2. I need to try this challenge, I have way too many books and I can’t stop buying more.

    • I know what you mean. I have way to many books, I have two 5 shelved, one four shelved and one three shelved bookcase full of books and thats not even including the books I have in boxes in my basement. I have a hard time stopping myself from buying books so I really need to watch myself with that especially if I plan on going to BEA this year.

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