Challenge/ 31 Days of Better Blogging for 2015 (Day 2)


Your Task Today:

Your task for today is to do a bit of spring cleaning on your blog. Look at your sidebars and remove anything extra that you don’t need, remove widgets and plugins that are taking up space.

Thankfully with my blog still being fairly new to wordpress (roughly 9 months now) and me being the huge chicken who is to afraid to add anything to my side bars everything has been the same since day one and honestly I am okay with that.

What I have done in regards to spring cleaning on the blog has been to sit and go through my blog roll and I am going to admit I was pretty brutal with deleting blogs I followed. If a blog hasn’t been active or update since 6 months I got rid of it, if the blogger has changed in the past year and I don’t really like it I deleted and finally I admit I have been making little notes about blogs I have followed and commented on and if nothing in return then I let them go. Sorry!

This is the year of rekindling blogger relationships and keeping in touch with bloggers who truly appreciate me and like wise. Perhaps I should think about doing something to showcase some of the awesome bloggers out there. What do you think? Any suggestions?

I have also started going through and updating labels and tags in old posts and I am  deleting labels that are no longer being used.

Another task or two on my calendar for today is I need to clean up my emails & come up with some kind of organization for that and to set up my agenda for this upcming year.

What things to do you do to spring clean on your blog?


  1. I couldn’t keep up with which blogs were active so I deleted my blog roll a couple years ago.

  2. I updated my blogroll too and am thinking about rotating the blogs featured there, but haven’t come up with a system I like yet. Also deleted some badges from my sidebar and updated my challenges. So far I’m really enjoying this challenge!

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