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When it comes to reading challenges I admit I completely suck at them so I rarely ever sign up to do them. I think its that I set my goals to high and then when I realize I am not making progress I bail on them.

That was until I discovered (the totally awesome and amazing) Sheila from Book Journey writing about a new reading challenge that she was going to be starting January 1. 2015.  Basically with this reading challenge you are suppose to go to your local library and borrow books from them.

So I am going to Go Pro with 28+ books for this challenge.

I actually might read the books that Michael brings home from the school library in the new year and if I am able I will try to make it to his school to volunteer for my alotted library day and then I can borrow books from there 🙂

Personally for me I usually don’t take advantage of our local libraries until the summer when we take part in the summer reading challenge and thats because we are usually at the library several times a week then. If I borrow other times of the year I have the bad habit of forgetting the book and ending up with late fees.

I have to admit that I think we have one of the best libraries in out city because you can borrow all kinds of books (you name it they probably have it or can get it), dvds (all kinds as well), cds (music, languages, audio books etc), magazines (all kinds), toys, posters, video games, computer games and board games.

Throughout the year they have various authors coming in, book clubs, courses, story time for the kids, various activities as well. Since we do hockey in the winter we aren’t able to take part but once the summer comes we are completely immersed in our library doing various activities that are planned as part of the summer reading program.

During the summer I am sure we borrow a ton of books I wish I could say exactly how many we take out over the course of the summer but its hard to say because I know we always come home with a bag full of books each and every time we go to the library and thats okay.

Over the course of the summer I always make it a point to borrow the books that are on my wishlist that I have been meaning to read, or books that I heard about but not sure about.

For me as a book blogger its always key to stay on top of things but you know what every now and then we need to mix it up a bit and also its expensive buying books all the time and this challenge fits in perfectly for me because in 2015 I really need to curb my book buying since I might be going to BEA and I am running out of space to put all my books.

Do you plan on signing up? What do you plan on borrowing from the library?

In 2015, I plan on doing a weekly library haul and perhaps choosing a certain day in the week to do mini reviews on the books we have read from the library.

If this interest you be sure to check out Book Journey (this link will take you directly to the info page of this challenge)



  1. Good luck, Cindy!

  2. I signed up! I think it will be a lot of fun. My kids get books from the library all the time, but I rarely do. So this will be a good motivation!

    • IT sounds like a lot of fun. My son borrows all the time from the school library but we stop using the public library over the fall and winter because its hard to get to but I really need to make the effort

  3. I love your plans for this! YAY Cindy!

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