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Its hard to believe its that time of the week for another mailbox post.
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I seriously can not wait for this month and year to be over with. So much has happened that I am literally tired of it all.

This past weekend the computer died. I turned it on and the only thing you could hear was the system running. I thought at first it was the monitor because the screen was black and nothing would come up so I proceeded to check to make sure everything was connected and nothing was loose. Replacing the monitor would be fine since they are pretty cheap.

We called Dell Monday and he asked us to perform a monitor test and we did that and it was fine. So the next step was removing the covering of the tower because he wanted to make sure the fans were working and they were. Thankfully the technician quickly said its your video card after that. It was quickly ordered and he said it could take up to a week. Up to a week? Does he not know how important the computer is to me? Nope!

Thankfully it didn’t take a week, it literally took a day so now I am back up and running.  So today will be spent trying to catch up on blog posts, emails etc.

This past week (I am back dating this) I didn’t get anything for review and yes we did buy some books. Michael used some money that he got from his grandmother to buy his books. This is what we got this past week:

Not pictured is: (Minecraft)
The Quest For The Diamond Sword by Winter Morgan (book 1)
The Mystery of The Griefer’s Mark by Winter Morgan (book 2)
The Endermen Invasion by Winter Morgan (book 3)

This is all that we got this past week, what about you?


  1. Computer troubles are the worst! Thankfully, Carl can take care of ours. I just started Shopaholic to the Stars on audio.

  2. Ugh! I agree this year has to end….its been horrible.

    I am excited to see you bought the Sophie Kinsella book. Do you think I can borrow it? I didn’t buy it this year because of finances, so I am so thrilled that you got it 🙂

    • Tina, I know I am going to be so happy when 2014 comes to an end… BTW we have to meet up for breakfast one day very soon 🙂

      Oh of course you can borrow the book Tina. I am currently reading it now. I will bring it when we eventually meet up 🙂

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