The Mailbox Post August 18th to 23rd

Its hard to believe its that time of the week for another mailbox post.
The hosts of the mailbox memes are:

Tynga's Reviews

Tynga’s Reviews is the host of Stacking the Shelves and the other host is Mailbox Monday which now has its own blog.

Mailbox Monday will no longer be hosted monthly by different bloggers.



Hey Everyone, I hope you are all enjoying what is left of the summer. Its hard to believe how fast it went by. Before you know it will be back to school (I am sure many places in the USA are already back) Michael will go back after Labor Day this year which is really nice since it gets to finish the month off at home.

This week I didn’t get anything for review and that is perfectly fine.

We did buy some books this week and that was only because Michael had a dentist appointment and we got there a little early so we went to Dollarama and looked around. I usually don’t look around at this Dollarama because I am usually in and out from the dentist. But I think after this I will have to check it out a little more.

The book section was really nice and they had a ton of english books which is rare here. So this is what we picked up:



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