Bout of Books 11.0 About to Start

Bout of Books

Time Devoted to Reading

Welcome to  the Bout of Books 11.0 Read-a-Thon. The fun will begin tomorrow. Are you excited?
I am planning on reading as much as I can this week. The only plans for the week are tomorrow Michael has a dentist appointment, Tuesday he has a library activity so I know I will be able to get some reading done then and then Sunday we are going out of town for the day to go to a picnic so I will cram as much reading as I can in then. So hopefully the rest of the week I will be able to get a good chuck of books off my tbr list.

 My Goals

  • To make a dent in my tbr pile
  • To participate in some twitter chats (there is three scheduled)
  • To participate in the daily challenges (there is ten total)
  • To update daily
  • To comment on ten new blogs daily (I think I am going to add the links of the blogs I visit and then add them to the daily updates post)
  • To comment on any comments that are posted on my blog daily


Books to Read

  • If you CLICK ON THIS TEXT it will take you to my post about my goals for the week. Last week when I was at the library I managed to pick up another seven mangas/graphic novels that I plan on adding into the piles as well. I know its probably too many books but I figure if I need a little break I have those to read as well.



Number of books I’ve read today:
Total number of books I’ve read:


I just quickly want to thank Bout of Books for providing this template for me to use. If you would like to use this template please visit  the BOUT OF BOOKS blog.

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