Make Up Ban 2014

You might remember last year me taking part in the Make Up Ban 2013. Well I have to admit that I failed that miserably and I mean miserably. I spent way more then I should have and its my own fault. I got the gimmes when I saw beauty bloggers/vloggers reviewing so many great products last year.
Over the Christmas holiday we decided that we were going to clean up and get rid of things we no longer needed or used in order to make room in the basement so that we could start doing some little renovations.

In the spring of 2013 we had to rip out the back wall in the basement due to some mold starting and during that discovery we also discovered that we need to rip up some of the floating floor. So now that we are slowly starting to replace the items I decided that I would love to have a wall to wall, ceiling to floor bookcase along that wall. I actually designed what I really want and hopefully this year we will get to build it.

So while that work is being done I decided to tackle the bedroom because hopefully come the spring we can paint it. It hasn’t been painted since we moved in the house 15 years ago and I want a fresh new look with color on the walls, new bedding and new curtains.
Before tackling the bedroom I decided to buy some containers to put everything in so that it will be organized. Well let me tell you when I put all my make up on the bed I was shocked at what I saw. I think I was more disgusted then anything. I should have taken a picture but didn’t. The bed was literally covered with make up. I nearly broke down and cried.
I realized that I really need to buckle down and curb my spending and shop from my own stash when I feel stressed.
What I ended up doing was putting everything into groups lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara, nail polish etc and going through each and everyone and what are dupes will be given away, what hasn’t been opened will probably be given away, what is old will be trashed. 
This year I plan on making it a point to use up what I got before buying anything new because I have  all kinds of make up, shower gels, and hair care items. The only time I am allowing myself to buy anything is when we go to the US for summer vacation and then I am only allowing myself to buy items that are much cheaper there and things we don’t have here in Canada.

So the following is taken from Christine’s blog Beauty Travel Channel :

Make Out 2014

I will allow myself 5 makeup purchases for the year 2013. This includes: all color cosmetics, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, highlighters, lipstick, lip liner, eyeliner, eye primers, foundation, powder, mascara, color nail polish, perfume, and repurchases of any items I finish. (The items crossed out are items I don’t use-Cindy)


*Excluding: nail polish remover, topcoat, basecoat, false lashes, back 2 macs, hair care, basic body care and natural skincare ingredients (oils, clays, toners, etc) (Again items I don’t use)

X_____Cindy S. / January 1st, 2014__

Wishing me luck guys, I will need it. I will be doing monthly updates on my progress.
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