What’s In My Make Up for Traveling (part 1)

When I had mentioned that I was going away on vacation a few people asked me if I would show a what are you bringing on your vacation post so over the next week or so I will share with you what books we are bringing on vacation with us, plus some other stuff we are bringing with us and when we get back I will probably post an OOTD (outfit of the day) post because at the time of writing this I really have no idea what I am bringing in regards to clothes as I was told there is a heat wave happening.

Today I thought I would share with you the make up bag I am putting in my tote bag so that I can freshen up on the plane or at the airport. I wanted a few things that would be easy to use and not have to dig through my suitcase.

I love this little make up bag that I got from I believe ipsy a while ago. Its a silver material bag and red on the inside. Its perfect for carrying a few items. This was actually the bag I took with me to BEA in May and it was perfect.
I had this package of LA Fresh make up wipes that I want to use up and it will make cleaning up fast and easy.
For eye shadow I am using my Physicians Formula that is in various brown shades along with my favorite Quo brush. I am really loving the Quo brushes. This is actually the first item I have used from Physicans Formula and I really really like it. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive but I was lucky to nab this quad for under $5
I have a L’oreal eye primer that is almost done so that is coming to and I have noticed by using this primer the shadow stays on much longer and it doesn’t seem to crease the eye shadow.
The finishing powder is another Physicians Formula that I got on sale and its great to set my foundation or bb cream.
Then for a little blush I am using the Almay one and it gives you a natural look which I like because I freak out when it comes to blush as you never know how much or where to use it in my case.
I threw in some sample pouches of Tums just cause you never know when heart burn will attack and since getting the samples I really like these ones over the other brands and kinds. Not so chalky.
Also you never know when you will need some hairpins so that is a must for me
Finally on the lips I have a Neutrogena crayon style pen that I got from my awesome US blogging friend Kate. I love the color and when you apply it it gives you a hint of color. Now I just wish that they would start sending their make up to Canada. Thankfully I have a US trip planned for just before school starts so I plan on buying some then
No make up bag would be complete without my eos lipbalm and I was lucky enough to find this in the US when I was there. Sadly this is another item we can’t get here in Canada. Hopefully soon.
There you go a peek into my make up bag. Do you use any of these items?
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