15 Day Book Blogger Challenge…Day 4

I am a little behind in posting this challenge (since last week, plus once again I am behind in blogging period, sorry about that) and I am hoping this morning to get up to date on this. Sorry if your feed gets swamped with posts today but I will be back posting them.

Its always so much fun to go away but coming back is always hard with catching up on laundry, getting back into library activities and going to the pool for swimming lessons.

Anyways when I got back home and started checking my blog I kept seeing a bunch of bloggers I follow taking part in April’s ( Good Book Good Wine ) 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge . I was quickly intrigued so I had to head over to see what it is about.

Its never to late to sign up and start all you have to do is head over to the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge to find out how to get started.

Today’s topic is:

What’s the last book you flung across the room?
I have to admit it actually takes alot for me to throw a book across the room and its rarely done.
But I have to admit within the last few months I have thrown one book across the room and that was

I read Beautiful Diaster by Jamie McGuire and liked it so when I was at the store I saw this one I instantly picked this up,  of course I didn’t read what the book was about before buying it (and I wish I did) because that would ruin the surprise, right?

Well I got home and instantly started reading it only to be looking around thinking this feels like deja vu, it sounds just like Beautiful Diaster. So I stopped reading and read the back of the book and I realized that this is the exact same story as Beautiful Diaster except told in his point of view.

Since I had picked this up at Costco I didn’t have  my receipt or else I would have tried to return it. I was a little annoyed so needless to say the book was thrown.

Why do authors do that? Why do publishers allow it?

What do you think? Have you ever thrown a book across the room?

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  1. Cindy, I’m shocked that you’d throw a book! lol

  2. Kathy I know, I was shocked as well as its something I rarely do, LOL

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