The Mailbox Post (June 3rd -8th)

 This is what I got in my mailbox to review the week of June 3rd to 8th. I also bought two books.

 The first book I got to review was Marilyn’s Diary it also came with a badge. I believe this came unsolicated as I don’t recall requesting this.

 Another book I got for review unsolicated was this awesome package. I love when a publisher does things like this because it makes me want to read the book. I was lucky enough to be able to open it without ripping the packaging. This came from Simon & Schuster Canada. Thank you S&S

The book was The Great Calamitous Tale of Johan Thoms. I love the cover of this and I hope that they will keep it for the final copy. This comes out September 2013. I can’t wait to start this in a few weeks.
Finally like I said I bought two books and they were:
-Eyewitness Travel Top 10 Budapest for our trip so many things to see and do that I hope we can get some of it.
-The Shoemaker’s Wife by the awesome Adriana Trigiani. After being invited to her house for Breakfast during BEA and listening to her speak I just had to buy this book. I am probably going to be a huge fan now. I have read her two Young Adults books a few years ago and loved them. I picked up this book to read during my plane ride and vacation. Its taking everything not to pick it up now to read.

So as you can see I am behind in posting all these posts and I apologize if you are getting bombarded with my posts today. Sorry.

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  1. I got the Johan Thomas book too. It was wrapped and packaged just like yours. What a pleasant surprise!

  2. You are gonna love The Shoemaker’s Wife!!

  3. My mom loved the Marilyn’s Red Diary when I passed it on to her since it came unsolicited to me. She said it was good but lots of sex stuff. As for the other package you got — he Great Calamitous Tale of Johan Thoms — that was so well done and looked lovely. I’d want to read it too.

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