Summer Reading Program 2013

You can tell summer is here when the local library starts doing the summer reading program. This is a program that we love doing each and every year with our local library.
Once again they have teamed up with TD Summer Reading Club.
The theme this summer is:

If you guessed travel then you are right.

Each year we get passports to log our reading times and its nice because they really encourage family reading time. So not only does Michael get to record his reading time but I do as well. Which is nice because the hours I log in reading gets put into a draw at the end of the summer and we can win a family prize.

This summer its a little different because our local library is competing with other libraries for the Golden Cup and the winner will be determined by the number of participants and the number of hours read at the end of the summer. I don’t quite remember how many participants we usually have but I know the hours alone are quite surprising. Its nice to see people reading.

We have a fantastic library because we have a great selection of books, videos, games etc and I have to say we have fantastic programs throughout the year but more so in the summer. This summer Michael will be taking part in monthly Lego activities, weekly chess days, doing various crafts, learning about Nouvelle-France (experts from Chateau Ramezay Museum will be coming in), science day,  and numerous other things.

So if we aren’t at the pool we are at the library this summer.

Along with this great program they also have an interactive website that you can find booklists, games and so much more. I think this has been one of the best years for the website and I am happy to see that this will encourage children to read because the more they read they can earn stickers to unlock more things from the website.

Over the course of the summer I will share with you are updates and how we are doing.

Does your library take part in reading programs? If so do you encourage it?

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