Panty Fly March/April Edition

I have to start off by saying that Amanda from My Pretty Distractions raved about this new subscription service (that is available to Canadians) that I figured I would try it out. Sadly I don’t know if this is March’s shipment or April’s. Although I am thinking this could very well be March’s since they did mention that your first one is shipped within 48 hours and it would be right since I did subscribed in March.

When I look at their site I see they updated some info. I actually paid this when I signed up for 3 months.

They offer the following:

3 Pairs of underwear – $7/month + $2.50 shipping ($9.50)
3 Pairs of underwear (3 months prepaid) – $15 shipping included
3 Pairs of underwear (12 months prepaid) – $75 shipping included

When I first signed up at the end of March I was only charged a flat rate shipping of $1 but since then its gone up to $2.50 which I don’t mind since it cost them $2.85 to mail it to me this month.

You can expect to receive your subscription around the 15th of the month. Also if you prepaid you only get charged shipping once.

Panty Fly offers three subscription styles and they are:

Barely There

Sleek & Sexy (this is the style I subscribed to)

Mix & Match

Since Amanda had raved about this subscription service I figured I would give it a try and figured I honestly had nothing to loose I mean it would be 3 pairs of underwear for $5/month. I have discovered in the past that sometimes the cheapest thing will last the longest. Don’t worry they are made with cotton so you won’t get some freaky weird material.

Today I got my first shipment and I have to say that I am impressed. I wasn’t worried about the packaging since I knew it would come like this:

The envelope is a plain white and the only thing on it was the labels no other markings to what would be inside.

So here is what I got this month. The pink modern brief and the hipster in green/pink are by American Apparel and retail for $15 and $12. The last pair which is sort of a gold color (which you can’t really tell from this picture)is from MaMia and I couldn’t find this online but I did see similar for $2.99.

So roughly this would have cost $27.99 and I got this for $5.00 shipped to my door.

I have to say I am really impressed with the quality and the brands I got this month and I can’t wait to see what the next shipment will bring.

What do you think? Would it be something you would subscribe to?

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  1. Those green ones are so cute! I’m still waiting on my package – hope I get them in mine!

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