November Make Up Haul (updated)

I mentioned before that I was going to be posting some make up hauls monthly and this is what I purchased this month. I didn’t realize how muc it was until I did this post. Okay I seriously need to stop buying LOL
This is my haul of the month and its Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart in the rest of Canada)
~QUO (Orly) Magnetic Nail Polish. I saw this and loved the shade. Its called Attract and repel. Its purple with some reddish sparkle to it. I love the shade as its a deep plum but the only thing is I don’t find the magnet works very well with this. Not sure if I did something wrong.

Has anyone else bought this? If so how do I use it? Is it like the other magnetic polishes out there?

~Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Towelettes. This is only a 10 towelette pack. I really liked this. Its a nice smell and it worked really well to clean off the make up and it helped soothe the face.
I was looking into trying some towelettes for when I go on vacation because I this is where I admit I suck big time at taking my make up off during vacation. Its hard when you have been out all day sight seeing/shopping etc and you go back to the hotel and all you want to do is crash.

The last item I bought at Pharmaprix was the L’Oreal BB Cream. Its in fair 810. I like this one, although its not a favorite and I felt like I had to use more then the other BB creams I have tried in the past.
The next stop was the Dollarama. We went in for one thing and I came out with two things.
~Maybelline has these cute little pods of eye shadow out and I really like the Lux Lilac shade. Its nice to use for a smoky eye effect or even alone.
~I wasn’t going to pick the nail polishes up at first because there wasn’t any colors I really liked and if I did it was one polish in a box of four (the other colors were awful) so upon digging around on the shelf I spotted theses ones. A friend of mine has used them and she likes them. I really like the blue and the sparkly one.
I ended up placing an order online with Sephora and this is what I ordered: 
With orders you place online you get to pick three samples and at the time there wasn’t much that interest me so I picked a perfume sample by Justin Bieber “Girlfriend”, a sample of L’Occitane hand cream (I have been wanting to try this brand out but there is none close to me) and perfume sample by Coach.
I love the packaging of the Coach and as you can see I got two different kinds.
So this is my first order from Sephora. The above mentioned samples, Purity facial cleanser has been something I have been wanting to try after hearing about a Canadian YouTuber rave about it so I picked up this small bottle and the last thing was this Kat Von D palette.
I have seen her line at Sephora and thought it was really nice so when I saw this palette on sale I picked it up. Even the outer packaging is really nice.
This is the palette case. Its sort of like a rubberish packing. Very nice and durable.
If I am correct the above picture is what the shades are. Its the Little Sinners palette. I really like the shades and since getting it I have mixed and matched it up making so many different looks.
This is a swatch of the shades. I have to admit that I was a little worried about Brave Awakening at first but once I put it on I really liked it.I thought the shades were ver well pigmented. I always tend to use galore as my base shade and then build from there.
Also because I spent a certain amount ($25 I think) I was able to pick up this cute Cinderella make up bag filled with an assortment of samples.
 Then just before the month is ending I got my second Sephora order. I ordered this because Lucy from Moonlight Gleam told me about the mystery bag so I went ahead and order a little thing that was on sale.
Its a six shade Shimmer Harmony Gloss. This is what it looks like opened and I wish I could tell you the shades
The best I can do is just tell you the colors and they are all glitter based so from top to bottom: copper, purple with blue glitter, goldish sliverish glitter, yellowish goldish glitter, light red/pink glitter and a darker red glitter. Its sold out so that’s why I can’t tell you what they are.
So with any order you can pick three samples I and got Taylor Swift perfume sample, LaCosta sample and bascia sample as this was another good one I have been hearing about.
This was the mystery bag and its nothing special.
I picked up a bunch of masks because I have decided that once a week I need to do a me day/night to relax and unwind and what better then to do a mask?
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  1. Acck Justin Bieber’s girlfriend!!!! ack

  2. Wow, that’s a HAUL! Awesome stuff

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