Sampler Village – September’s Edition

Last week I was on Facebook and noticed something on a friends page. It was for Sampler Village . So I had to check it out their Facebook page and they were advertising for their September box (Goblin Goodies).

I haven’t heard of this company before so I went to there site to check it out. Its a monthly sample subscription service and all the samples you get in the box are from artisans and are all hand crafted. You won’t get any big name products in this.

There is three boxes available if you live in the United States (which I am so jealous of y’all) but thankfully they do ship one of their boxes to Canada and its called the Charmingly Samplicious Sampler Box and its $35 ($25 for the box and $10 for shipping).

Its not a reoccuring charge so you have to go into their site to order the box and I believe the sign up dates are the 21st of each month. Octobers theme is Make Mine Pink. Then Nov/Dec is Sweet Christmas.

You will get 15 to 20 samples in this box and I just have to say I was impressed with shipping, I ordered this on the 19th of September and got the box yesterday the 25th.

If you want you can see my vlog I made on youtube  CLICK ON THIS TEXT .

So lets get into this months box: Goblin Goodies shall we.

The packaging was fantastic from opening the outer box to getting to this. It arrived in a standard brown box and inside the box was purple tissue paper with this box inside it. This is very Halloween-ish wouldn’t you say?

I have to tell you that before I opened this I was a little worried because I had no idea what was being sent and all I knew that I would get at least the minium of 15 samples.
Well let me tell you that fear was quickly pushed aside because this box was filled to the top with samples. Please note that the box didn’t look like this, this was taken after I had opened it and filmed my vlog. I was truly impressed and seriously thinking of ordering next month again.

So as you can see I received 17 various samples and didn’t want to bog you down it a ton a pictures so I just went ahead and grouped them all before taking pictures. I will list the item and businesses under the pictures with links.

If anything interest you please be sure to stop by and visit them and make a purchase. I know there is a few things I am thinking of ordering for gifts this year.

Halloween Owl Notecard (I will be placing an order with them very soon. I spotted me some Owls that I want.)

Halloween Cupcake Topper and

Witch Picture (prints) and (there is some very pretty bookmarks for sell here)

The purple band (OMG I just spotted an Owl necklace)

Toadily Tidy Bubbles pumpkin shaped soap
Solid Orange Sugar Scrub
Passionate Kisses wax tart 

Bat soy melter tarts(candy corn scented) and Gray soy melter tarts (pumpkin pie spiced) and

Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake wax tarts

I have to say that I am really impressed with this first Sampler Village box and I would definetly buy the next box if this is any indication of what its like. I liked that we got a nice mix of things.

I have to get some new tealights to use for my tart burner but I am super excited to try out those tarts but most of all that Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake one.

If you get a the chance be sure to check out these great little shops and perhaps support them. I know I am planning on ordering stuff from them.

What did you think of the box? Did you subscribe? Will you?

Please note that I paid for this box and in no way was compensate for my post.
Sampler Village

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  1. great box hun! I just think it’s a little too expensive (even if it isn’t reoccurring often!)

  2. Thanks for doing this post – I was wondering what was in this month’s box! Those tarts look amazing – I LOVE fall scents 🙂

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