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Hi Everyone, as you can probably tell I am back from NYC and BEA. Getting back to reality has been hard this week. I am tired and sore most of the week and not sure why.

Last week while I was in NYC I didn’t get any packages of books but I did get some freebies:

From Tina I got:
-a small sample of Polygrip (for my mother) 21g
-Olay Regenerist wrinkle revolution complex 7ml
-Garnier ultra lift 2 in 1 wrinkle reducer

Then from Schick the new hydro silk razor w/coupons. I got two of them.

From Liberte a coupon for a free 500g Greek Yogurt

From Escada little samples of Island kiss, sexy Graffiti and Rockin Rio perfume

From P&G its their sampler box:
-44ml of Scope dual blast
-I Glide Pro-health floss pick
-downy unstopables in wash scent booster 1 use pouch
-Gillette fusion pro-glide razor
-febreeze car vent clip
-Olay regenerist wrinkle revolution complex

From Neutrogena:
-various coupons for their products
-all in one make up removing cleansing wipes (7 wipes)
– 14 ml norwegian formula hand cream (Love this stuff)
-ultra sheer dry touch sunscreen spf 55 (14ml)
-healthy defense daily moisturizer spf 45 (7ml)
– triple protection face lotion (men) spf 20 (14ml)
-bar of neutrogena soap

While I was away last week the last Scholastic order came in and from that we ordered:
-Follow That Map a first book of mapping skills byScot Ritchie
-Kids Travel from Klutz a backseat survival kit (perfect for traveling)
-Whatever After fairest of All by Sarah Mlynowski  (this isn’t acutally mine, I ordered it for Lucy of Moonlight Gleam)

Then shortly before going to BEA I bought two book and since I had picked them up at BEA signed I exchanged them for:
-Wings of Wicked (book 2) by Courtney Allison moulton
-Dreamless (book 2) by Josephine Angelini
-Twice upon a time Rapunzel  (the one with all the hair) Book 1 in the series by Wendy Mass (this wasn’t included in the pics because I am reading it now) (since getting book 2 and 3 in NY I needed to get the first book)

For Review:
-Poopendous by Artie Bennett. I was looking forward to meeting Artie at BEA but sadly when I got to the line I was turned away because they had enough people for the books. I was really touched when Artie emailed me telling me what had happened and if I went to the booth at BEA one would be there for me sadly my phone was acting wonky and didn’t see his message until it was too late so he graciously sent me his newest book. Thank You Artie. He also signed it for Michael.

-From the fantastic people at Simon & Schuster Canada they sent me:
-The Blessed by Tonya Hurley (I wanted to get this at BEA but sadly they were gone by the time I got there. I loved Tonya’s GhostGirl books.)
-Rage Within (book 2) by Jeym Roberts

So thank you so very much S&S Canada for sending me these books.

From Penguin Canada they sent me Bared to You by Sylvia Day. If you remember recently I got cuff links from Penguin so its nice to see that this will all tie in. Thanks Penguin

Something that is also not shown is a coupon for a free Glade Expression Fragrance mist Starter Kit.

I also got my Glymm box which I will be posting about next week.

I also got my topbox which I will be blogging about next week.

I got this box from Fedex and it contains my books from the last day of BEA on Thursday and that will be included in the wrap up post for Thursday.

Then this week I got the above samples from Costco:
-1 tide pods. I have been wanting to try them out but didn’t want to spend the money on them in case I didn’t like it
-Always infinity sample
-venus embrace razor
-scope outlast mouthwash
-Olay regenerist wrinkle revolution complex
-Mr Clean Magic eraser original
So this is what I got in my mailbox for the last two weeks, how did you do?

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  1. Wow, it’s like Christmas at your house every day! I can’t wait to see what’s in the FedEx box!

  2. Lots of goodies. We got a package full of sweets and t-shirts from a relative in NY. Got some books too, hoorah!

  3. I’d need to get Wings of the Wicked, I liked the first book šŸ™‚

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