Topbox May Edition

Its hard to believe its time for another Topbox reveal. I have to say in my own opinion that apart from that time I got double boxes (someone signed up under my referral and that allowed me a free box) I have always been extremely happy with Topbox.

I wasn’t sure when I was going to get this because of this morning it was sitting in Scarbourough, Ontatio and when I stalked  checked Canada Post website I was suppose to have an estimated delivery date of May 11. I was really hoping to get it Friday so that I would have it for Mother’s Day. Oh well.

If you remember the last Topbox post I was telling you about the recycled tube and personally for me I am all about helping with waste and recycling but I really like these tubes much more then the one last month. I think they look very pretty when they are on a shelf. So I have opted to this one each month.

This is what’s inside the tube as you can see its not overly filled but I heard some rumblings online that there is a surprise wrapped up in the purple tissue paper and let me tell you there was but I am saving that surprise till the very end.

The first item I had to pull of the tube was this Expressions Foundation Brush.  I have never heard of Expressions before this box and I do need a brush for my foundation so this will come in handy. As you can see its a full size and it retails for $24.

This is a new to my product the Cover FX Clearprep FX. Its an anti-shine primer that reduces lines and pores. Its suppose to be easy to blend. I like that its lightweight and that it helps to prevent and heal acne. Something that I struggle with. Plus its free of fragrance, oil and parabens. The full size is 30ml for $39 and I got a sample size of 7ml for $9.10. Sadly I’m not sure how many uses I will get out of this because there wasn’t alot in the tube.

I have recieved some Orlane items in previous boxes and this was a new to me item. This is a Anagenese 25+ First Time Fighting Care Eye Contour. This is suppose to diminish fine lines, puffiness and dark circles while leaving your eyes looking smooth, luminious and younger looking. I know I have puffiness and dark circles so I am always looking for something to help with that. It seems to go on smoothly and non greasy. It blends very well. The full size is 15ml for $75 and I got 2ml for $10.

For some reason this picture flipped not sure why that happened but anyways LOL. This was what was wrapped in the purple tissue paper.

I am so excited to try this Deborah Lippmann nail polish. This is only sold in Holt Renfrew stores in Montreal (I believe) and I have been seeing this around on several blogs and I love nail polish so I was really happy when I finally got one.

The shade I got is called “Whatever Lola Wants” and I think it was inspired by Kelly Ripa since her name is on the label. This is my kind of shade its pink and sparkly.  A perfect summer shade.

I actually ended up removing the polish I had on my nails to put this on.

This is a full size product and its 15ml for $20.

I can see me wearing this constantly this summer.

It probably won’t be something I would buy on a regular bases but I am sure this would look good in say a stocking stuffer. LOL

Agh this is upside down as well. Not sure why that happened either considering when I check my photos in my folder they are all the right way.

Anyways the total of samples I got this month are $63.10 and if I minus $11.30 (that would be $10 for the box and $1.30 in tax) I walked away with $51.80 is samples.

This is one thing I love about Topbox because they have said from the beginning that you will recieve 4 carefully selected, indulgent, beauty products that are deluxe sized and I have yet to disagree with that. I mean granted two of my products this month aren’t deluxe but I would consider them high end because I have yet to see them in stores.

In my opinion Topbox always is number 1 in my monthly boxes. I think that Glymm and Loose Buttons really need to step up on there game because Topbox is winning people over monthly.

What did you think of this months tube? Did you like? Didn’t you not?

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