Glymm Box March Edition

I finally got my March Glymm box. So I thought I would share with you what I got this month in the box.

I hope you enjoy the vlog.

I have also included some photos as well.

The outer box this month was white and not sure why that was since its normally pink but as you can see the inner box has remained the same with the pink box and the white ribbon with Glymm all over it with the white tissue paper.

I like how they package the boxes and I love that these boxes are reusable. I have a few in my closet that I use to put little things in.

I love what they are doing with the cards now, although I think they should have gone a different way for spring.

On the other side of this card is the product description and the full size if you were to purchase it. Most of the items you can buy right of the Glymm site.

Earlier this week I did go onto Youtube to see if anyone was posting what they got in their boxes and normally I don’t usually do that because I am always disappointed.

I was excited because I saw in some vlogs people getting Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydrafull Lip Gloss samples so I was excited. I love lip gloss.  Sadly I didn’t get that in this box, bummer! They did send a card that if I buy two Anastasia products that I would get one free. 

Personally for me I find that rather discouraging because I hate having to order something just to get something for free. With a price tag of $27 for the lip gloss do I really want to spend over $50 for products I don’t really need to get a free lip gloss?

As you can see this month I only got four items in my box. Glymm still hasn’t replaced the jar of jelly beans and I miss them. It was nice to get the little jars and try some new flavors.

So in my Glymm this month I got:

-M.ASAM Perfect Teint. I am sure I can get a few uses out of this. This is from Germany and its suppose to make fine lines and wrinkles appear invisible and even out your complexion to make it appear flawless and smooth. (Its the white cream) The value of this is $42.00 for 50ml and I got a sample of 5ml for $4.20

-M.ASAM Magic Fini. (this is the dark cream)  This is suppose to conceal uneven skin tones to make it look natural. It smoothes away the appearance of wrinkles, enlarge pores and imperfections to give it a healthy looking sunkissed look. I think I could get a few uses out of this as well. I was a little nervous because it looks so dark but once you blend it in it looks nice. The value of this is $38.00 for 30ml and I got a sample of 5ml for $6.33

-Ocean Nail Polish. I am super excited to get a nail polish in the box. I love nail polishes and since cleaning up my make up and nail polishes I have put myself on a nail polish buying ban because I have way to much.  What I love about this nail polish is that its super smooth, streak free, fast drying and contains no toxins. It smells like nail polish but its not as strong as some brands are. I got mine in the shade of Fairytale. I love the shade it goes on clearish but I am sure you can probably build it up with a few coats. Perfect for when you want a little something on your nails. So this was a full size product, 15ml for $12

-NU-ME Feather Hair Extensions. This is suppose to be the hottest Spring trend this year. I don’t know what to think of this because its not something that I can put in myself but apparently you can if you have the right tools and do I want to go out and buy the tools to do this? I don’t think so but perhaps when I got and get my hair done I will ask my hair dresser if he can put it in. I would love to try it out because they actually sent me a decent color that isn’t too crazy. Its hard to tell in the picture but its not as red as this. This is a full size product, 3 strands for $25

My thoughts on this months Glymm box:

One of the things that really bothers me is the shipping. I got my email confimation on Monday, March 12 and according to Canada Post I was suppose to get in Tuesday the 13th well low and behold I didn’t get it till Wednesday. I have to say that I find this rather strange since people in Ontario got theres on Tuesday and I am literally 20-25 minutes from their office here in Montreal. Does that make sense?

Another thing Glymm has changed this month is that Canada Post will no longer leave the box if your not home. There is a Do Not Safe Drop so that is a real bummer. So had I not been home today I would have had to wait until Thursday afternoon to pick this up and with Canada Post since they don’t update the tracking info I can see this will be a big problem not only for me but other subscribers. This could possibly end up with me cancelling this subscription because of that in the future. Since my regular mailman has now changed his route the new guy won’t leave it between the doors.

As for the products I am excited to try them out and only wish I would have gotten a sample of the lip gloss to try. As for the hair extension, I like it but perhaps another hot spring product would have been better since I will have to pay to get them put in and I have no idea how much they charge.

So the break down on the box:
M.ASAM perfect teint $4.20
M.ASAM Magic fini $6.33
Ocean nail polish $12.00
NU-ME hair extension $25.00

Total $ 47.53
Minus $10.00 + tax = $11.50 (I just noticed that it went up 0.11 since Feb)

So its a difference of $36.03 so the box did pay for itself and I got some good items to try. As of right now its not my favorite box for the month.

Please leave me a comment letting me know what you got and what you think?

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  1. wow I really like the box you got! I know it’s not your favorite box but I looooove nailpolish *squee!* hehe

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