Glymm Box November Edition

Today I received my very first Glymm Box. I am super excited to be a part of the Glymm Box community.

Before I get into my vlog and pictures I thought I would talk a little bit about Glymm Box.

What is a Glymm Box?

Every month, your Glymm Box will contain 3-5 luxury samples that span over several beauty categories including cosmetics, fragrance, skincare, tools, spa and body, nails and lifestyle. Month-to-month, the products you receive will be different, and curated according to your beauty profile. Variety is the spice of life!

Glymm Box is only available here in Canada and its a monthly subscription service. Its $10 + taxes. You can pay monthly or yearly. For every dollar you spend you get Glymm points which then can be redeemed for full size products. You aren’t commited to anything and can cancel at anytime.

If you are interested and would like to join or want more info then please leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

Here is the vlog I hope you enjoy it.

I have enclosed some pictures and I will share what I got as well in case you don’t want to watch the vlog.

I was really impressed with the shipping. I got an email on Thursday (Nov 10th) telling me my Glymm box was on the way and that I would receive it on Monday. I am so happy I got it today.

It arrived looking looking like this all safe and sound.

My mailman left it between the doors because it doesn’t fit into my mailbox.

I have to say that I even like the packaging it. The box is still sturdy and in good shape that I can reuse it to send stuff out. Who wouldn’t like getting a pink box in the mail?

So once I opened the outer packaging I saw this lovely pink box and I absolutely love this box not only for the color but the style of box it is. The top comes off and it can be reused for so many things and it will look so pretty sitting on a shelf, bureau or bookcase.

I am so happy they didn’t change the box and I really hope they stick with this one. (Loose Buttons/Luxe Box changed the style of theirs and I am not a big fan.)

I also think that using a ribbon font on the box is really pretty as well. Makes the box look special and glamourous.

So once the lid comes of the box you will see this. Its wrapped up in a hand tied bow/ribbon. The ribbon has glymm on it and its white and pink. Very pretty and can be used over again for other things.

With each Glymm box you get a card that tells you a little bit about what products that were sent. This is called the Fall Effect.

On the reverse side of the card it will show you what products were sent, a description about the product and the retail value of the full size product.

The other cards that came with the Glymm box was three give me to a friend business card so that you can share it with friends and if they sign up under your name you will get some Glymm points, also included is a Try and Buy card so that if you happen to love the samples you got Glymm has a store online that you can buy the products from, on the other side was a ad for invite your friends and get points and one other thing that was included was a $10 off when you buy online.

When you remove the cards you will be greeted by a nice white folded tissue paper which goes really nice with the box.

Inside the box was:
-Lise Watier Flash Lift Radiance Vial. I got a 1ml vial so its 1/7 of a full size sample. The full size product would be 7 vials for $27

-Rahua Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner. This is an excllusive item and the full size is 275ml each for $32 and $34. I got a 10 and 8 ml sample size.

-orlane Paris Light Smoothing Cream. I got a 3.5ml size and the full size is 50ml for $80.

-RGB Designer nail Lacquer and from reading the card they said its a full size product and its 125ml for $18 so this nail lacquer paid for the box.

I was missing a product and I emailed them to let them know and customer service was fantastic and replied right away and they will make it up to me in the next month’s box.

In all the Glymm boxes I have seen they include a cute little jar filled with Jelly Belly beans and I got brown and red. I can’t quite place the red ones but the brown ones are root beer my favorite.

This is what was in my Glymm box for the month of November. I am really pleased and anxious to try all the products. I know the Jelly Bellys were really good and its by far my favorite jelly beans out there.

I love trying new products and I think for a mere $10 a month I am getting to try items that I might not normally get the chance to try.

Glymm is getting two thumbs up from me this month. I can’t wait to see what goodies December brings.

Thanks Glymm.

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  1. SQUEE! Sooo many awesome stuff! So worth it for 10$!!!! Don’t tempt me missy! LOL!

  2. I loved my Glymm box however was disappointed in the colors I received for the eyeliner/shadow (blue) and nail polish (black).

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