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As of right now, Friday night, nothing has yet to be resolved with the Canada Post lock out. Our Prime minister Stephen Harper has put the bill in to force a back to work ruling but the opposition leader NDP Jack Layton is fighting this tooth and nail because he thinks that Canada Post and CPUW (Canada Post union Workers) will resolve this issue. Sadly both sides have meet and are still no closer to coming to some kind of agreement. I mean seriously if nothing has happened yet, nothing will happen so please step in and do something.

You know I normally don’t voice anything but sadly I am tired of being a hostage to this lock out. I was okay with the rotating strike because at least mail was coming through and nothing was being turned away but once Canada Post did the lock out that meant no mail at all was being delivered and nothing was coming into Canada. That was a week ago.

So as you can see I have nothing to report for In My Mailbox as nothing has come in.

I did buy some books and those were:

Those were all a part of Michael’s passing gift along with a special task he had on his last day of school. The principal that has been at the school was leaving and Michael is one of her favorites was asked to escort her around the school and into the gym for a presentation. He was nervous about it so I promised him more pokemon books.

Since there was a special at Chapters with buy 3 get one free I picked this up for myself:

What did you get in your mailbox?

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  1. I totally just did a post about the Postal Strike to … to let people know what will happen with my giveaways… I cannot afford FedEx etc so people will have to be patient. *sigh*

    I have a feeling the postal workers will feel overworked once the mail starts coming through again bc the piles will just be crazy. Suckers!

  2. The lock out has to be SO frustrating! I would be going crazy. Hope it ends soon and that your books start coming again ….

  3. This postal lock out sucks for everyone. I have a friend who works for Canada Post and he hasn’t been paid in two weeks. That’s a lot of money when you have a family to raise and bills to pay.

    I’m happy Michael got some books and you got a freebie for yourself!

  4. Hopefully, our mail will start coming tomorrow! And yay for the 4-for-3 sale at Chapters/Indigo!

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