The Mailbox Post & Books Bought

Its catch 22 with the Canada Post lock out, I love the fact that we aren’t getting any mail IE bills, junk etc but yet I have to say that I miss getting packages in the mail.

As of right now nothing is being said but Canada Post has said that they aren’t accepting anything new which I have to say is a little disappointing because that means that I might have been sent packages but they will probably be marked return to sender.

Anyways enough of that depressing stuff.

This is going to be quick because (sorry I am not linking back to anyone but if you are a blogger you already know who hosts IMM and Mailbox Monday) its almost 9am and I have to get Michael to a birthday party. Thankfully its not far its literally just down the street from us.

Thankfully FedEx and DHL have picked up the slack and I got two books on Friday.

This isn’t the cover of the ARC that I got. Thanks to April for sending this one my way and thanks to FedEx for delivering it.

This was a total surprise as I didn’t think I was going to get this one. Thanks Harper Collins USA for sending this and to DHL for delivering.

On Friday we went shopping and bought the following books:

I got the second book from Tina earlier in the week and wanted to read the first one before reading this.

Then of course we got Michael more Pokemon graphic novels.

Michael is just devouring all the Pokemon graphic novels which is a good thing.

I just realized that when I was looking at this post I didn’t include some egalleys I got from Simon & Schuster galley grab email.

I absolutely love the covers for Witchlanders and Fury. I am super excited to read these books over the next few months. I think they will make perfect traveling books on my ereader.

So this is what arrived at my house this week, what about you?

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  1. I’m sad about the Canada Post strike too. I don’t want any of my parcels to be sent back to sender. I have too many trying to make their way here. šŸ™

    Thank goodness for FedEx, Purolator, DHL and other couriers. I’m hoping a few of my books will still arrive.

  2. That strike would drive me crazy.

    Um, you’re not supposed to be buying books. Go put some money in your bank right now.

  3. Seems like all Canadian book bloggers are mourning!! Oh, the empty mailbox, how depressing. Let’s hope this gets resolved soon enough.

  4. I am sad that you are still experiencing mail troubles! I can’t imagine being without mail! No bills would frighten me! I’m glad to see you did get a few books and hope the mail lockout is over soon!

  5. Ugh yuck, the lock out really stinks! I have a few friends who are suffering from the same, though they’re not book bloggers so they don’t have quite the same desperation. Hope it ends soon!

  6. Enjoy all your new books. Hope the strike ends soon.

  7. Love the books you got this week! Witchlanders and Fury really look like awesome reads! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Thank you for sharing and for stopping by!

  8. Whoo, you can’t say that you didn’t get a good haul this week anyway, strike or no strike! Enjoy all your new reads!

  9. What a round up of reading! Enjoy your books, Cindy…

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