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Welcome to one of my all time favorite memes. I love being able to sneak a peek into other bloggers mailboxes to see what they got. This is a good thing and a bad thing because usually that means I have added new books to my wish list but then again I see this ever growing list of books and wonder if I will ever get to read them or buy them.

As you know Mailbox Monday is originally hosted by Marcia from Printed Page but has since gotten a new look and a blog name. You can now follow Marcia at A Girl And Her Books.

Last year Marcia decided to put Mailbox Monday on a blogger tour and the host for May is Mari who blogs over at Mari Reads. Mari is a new to me blogger but looking forward to reading more of her blog throughout the month of May.

Another blogger who hosts In My Mailbox is Kristie who blogs over at The Story Siren and this one is geared towards the YA bloggers.

You are probably wondering why I am posting my In My Mailbox post on a Friday well that is easy because tomorrow (Saturday) I will be meeting up with Tina from the blog Bookshipper. We are going to be meeting up for breakfast and exchanging some books and then we are going to go to the local church (the one I got married in) for the bazaar. So I will probably have a post about that tomorrow night.

This was another quiet week in the mail. Nothing came for review but I did get some coupons for free products to try so that will be coming up on the blog sometime very soon.

I realized that its been a little while since I have a Books Bought post. I thought I would share that with you. Since my last Books Bought post I have to admit that I haven’t bought anything for me. Whats up with that? Although I did receive an email for 25% which I will probably take advantage of this weekend and plus its mother’s day so I am sure I will be getting a book or two this weekend.

So here is Michael has received in books since my last Books Bought post:

Then recently Chapters had Geronimo Stilton Books on sale (buy two get one free) so I stocked up on those ones for Michael so he would have these for over the summer:

Happy Reading Everyone.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know Pokemon was still going strong. Do kids still play with the cards?

  2. Haha well at least SOMEone had a busy book week!

  3. My daughter would love the Pokemon books.

    Kathy: My daughter and her friends still play with the cards. They just come out with some new collections, or so I’ve heard.

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