Library Loot February PT 1 Edition

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On Sunday we went to the library because Michael had a scheduled library event ie story time with his favorite story teller. It was all about bugs and this lady who does it always has the cutest crafts for the kids to do afterwards. This is Michael’s bug:

While he was in storytime I figured I would look around and this is the product of me looking around and saying to myself that I really didn’t need to borrow any more books for myself and I think I did pretty good considering.

For Michael I borrowed:
-L’autre Guili Lapin by Mo Willems
-Ne laissez pas le pigeon conduire le bus! by Mo Willems
-Guili Lapin by Mo Willems
-Pirate a babord by Sophie Morissette
-Il pleut du pop corn by Alice Low
-2 j’apprends a lire books
-mes premiers j’aime a lire book
-Caramel et le haricot magique
-Caramel apprend a nager

-2 moi je lis books
-mini loup fait la fete

-What’s your sound, hound the hound? by Mo Willems
-Cat the Cat, who is that? by Mo Willems
-I am going!
-I love my new Toy!
-Today I will fly!
-Elephants cannot dance
-I am invited to a party
-Are you ready to play outside?
-There is a bird on your head
-Watch me throw the ball

-The pigeon finds a hot dog
-City dog, Country frog
-Leonardo the terrible monster
-naked mole rat gets dressed
-time to say please
-knuffle bunny a cautinary tale

For myself I borrowed:
-Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce
-Hush by Eishes Chayil
-Night school: The Weirn Books 1 and 2 by Svetlana Chmakova

Hmm you are probably saying to yourselves, Gee Cindy borrowed alot of Mo Willems I wonder why? Well apparently he will be coming to my neck of the woods February 20th and guess who is planning on going? Yup Michael and I.

I know he was at BEA last year and I didn’t get to see him for some reason or other so I spoke to Michael about it because when he was younger we did read alot of Mo’s books and Michael did remember them so he wants to go to hear him read and to ask him a question or two. (Psst I will try and record him if he does ask a question)

This is what I borrowed this week, what about you?

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  1. I love that Michael can read in French and English! I just might be able to handle the French books at that level too.

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