Holiday Bookmark Swap

In November one of my favorite bloggers Alyssa from The Shady Glade hosted once again the Bookmark Swap. I took part in the first one and had alot of fun so when she posted in the fall about doing another one for Christmas I jumped on board.

Alyssa is an awesome blogger and when she found out that I didn’t get the first package she quickly mailed out a second package. This is the goodies that I got:

This are some home made bookmarks. Are they cute? The red one is made by Alyssa (a very cute holiday bookmark) the middle one is by Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews a new to me blogger. The third one I don’t know who made it but its really cute.

These are all hand made and super cute. Of course my picture doesn’t do them justice. The middle one is cross stitched. The third one is really cute and sparkly.

The sunflower is a magnetic book mark and I have to admit the first one is one I have never seen before and I can’t wait to use it. I love the little charms hanging from it. Its a cute little sheep. One of my favorite animals.

Finally the last set of bookmarks include in the package were all swag ones (I absolutely love swag bookmarks): a cute one from bookmooch (love it) I have to say I love the Larissa Ione one and I will have to look for her books the next time I am out. Plus one from another new to me blogger Missie B from The Unread Reader. (Which I just realized wasn’t n the picture)

I have a funny story about the Losing Faith bookmark (which is signed by the author). When I got the package from Alyssa late in the week I was going through the bookmarks and had to stop and chuckle over this one because funny enough earlier in the week I received this book from my friend. What were the odds of getting that bookmark the same week I got the book. My friend laughed when I called to tell her.

Thanks Alyssa for hosting another great bookmark exchange. I am hoping you will do it again. I love getting bookmarks in the mail. Who doesn’t?

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  1. Oh these are ALL so beautiful. My goodness! I love bookmarks like I drink water and I drink a LOT of water….so I’ve always been wary of using NICE bookmarks…

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of gorgeous bookmarks! What reader doesn’t love bookmarks?

  3. Lovely! I never have more than one book at a time going so I don’t have a need for a lot of bookmarks, but it is fun to match the personalities of the few I do with the books they are hanging out in ;0)

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